OMG- I love, love, love Dr Liz! I have been in her care for over four years now after an accident. There are many reasons why I continue to see her. She is very holisti- minded, very intuitive, attentive, genuine and extremely dedicated and knowledgable. Her hands are magical- my body always relaxes while she works on me. Thank you, Dr Liz!

– Julie K. / Cardiff, CA

I’ve been seeing chiropractors for more than 20 years and Dr. Liz is the best I’ve been to! She puts me back into alignment and feeling better in just one visit…Of course, some conditions require more regular visits, but she doesn’t make you feel like you HAVE to come back three times a week or buy a big, expensive treatment package/plan or mountains of supplements. Dr. Liz genuinely cares for her patients…

– Tiffini L. / National City, CA

Look no further–hands down the BEST chiropractor I’ve ever been to. I’ve been receiving chiropractic care for twenty years in the San Diego area and Dr. Liz is phenomenal. She is super gentle when you need her to be but can also work you good when you need it. I love that she spends quality time with me. Other chiros hurry you in and out, not Dr. Liz. My husband, seven year old and one year old are also patients. She is fantastic with kids. Specifically she has helped relieve TMJ pain.

– Erin N. / Escondido, CA

I have been going to Liz for over 3 years. She has what is takes! I was sent to her from my personal trainer after a car wreck. She is more than just a chiropractor, she is gifted and talented with healing hands. It’s like she just knows what to do. I have never had complaints. She recently adjusted my daughters for the first time, she was GREAT with them. She taught them all about what she was doing, showing them pictures on the wall and guiding them through the process. I cannot rave about her

– Bethany L. / Escondido, CA

Dr. Domi is the best! I picked her at random because she took my insurance. When I called to try to make an appointment they actually told me to hold and put her on the phone. She was wonderful. I saw her twice and loved it both times. The true testament to her kind, honest, genuine nature was when I called at 7pm and left a message that I had been in a car accident and needed to come in before my scheduled appointment. I received a call back about 30 min later.

– Leanne B. / Escondido, CA