Humble Beginnings

When my youngest son was 2, I started to see patients in my home in Escondido. It was a very part-time practice, where I scheduled patients around school pick-ups, naps, dinner times, and the typical day-to-day business of running a family. The patients who came to be adjusted were definitely very kind and understanding as there would be interruptions from dogs barking and a 2-year-old asking for snacks and other more private matters. Deija, our beloved shepherd mix, loved lying under the adjusting table while I worked. I believe she was part of the treatment.

When the moment came that all 3 of my kids were in full-time elementary school, it was apparent that it was time to open up a real office outside of the home. I started my official Escondido practice in 2007 and was grateful to bring in new patients through word of mouth. Having kids is a great marketing strategy! I met so many wonderful teachers and parents, and little by little, they found out I was a chiropractor, some of who became long-time patients.

New Adventures
In 2008 I moved to the 1900 Sunset Drive location after my divorce. This is where my practice really grew and where I was able to develop the vision for my practice. In 2012 I expanded my office to include massage therapy. As I became more secure and confident in myself as a business owner, I then started dreaming up bigger goals for myself and my practice. I knew I wanted to create a wellness center. I expanded my office to include a studio for yoga, Qi Gong, small group classes, and meditation, as well as bringing in a Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and Massage Therapist. This was the birth of Sunset Chiropractic & Wellness Center. Sunset was because of the street name, and I just like the word as well.


Then Covid happened. This shut down the Wellness Center. Everyone had to stop what they were working so hard to create. I was sad about the loss of the center where the community could come for healing, wellness education, and self-care. This was a vision I had thought about for many years, and in one moment, the work and collaborative efforts had evaporated.

Life goes on. I found out one week after the mandatory lockdown that chiropractors were able to keep seeing patients on an urgent need basis. I closed my practice for one week at the end of March, and one week later, since April 6, 2020, my practice has been open.

Community and Love of the Practice

It’s been a blessing to be able to be open and serve my patients during this difficult time. Once I determined I wasn’t able to continue the wellness center,  I looked into moving to a smaller space. I found a property near downtown Escondido. This location has been a much-needed change, and it has been fortuitous that I am now the landlord too!

My practice is continuing to grow and evolve. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my community through chiropractic. I love what I do, and I hope to continue for many years to come.